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Livin' it fast
LFDY is not just another fashion brand, "LiveFastDieYoung" is a state of mind. Seizing opportunities, breaking rules, aiming for maximum effect.

We come from a Graffiti background, what we learned on the streets and in the train yards is the foundation of our business today: working as a team, moving quickly, putting up our name big, not yet loving the police.

More than eight years ago the whole fashion thing started with a few shirts screen printed in some backyard and sold over Ebay.  Today, LFDY still operates from the same backyard- a slightly bigger one though. And it's not those single shirts anymore, now we move them by boxes.

We didn't study fashion or anything, in fact we didn't go to university at all. Fuck that shit.

It wasn't our aim to found a fashion label, we just wanted to express ourselves by our clothing. The whole thing just came to us naturally. We couldn't find the shirts we wanted on the market, so we just had them produced. And then some people wanted those shirts. And then some more wanted them, a lot more.

And all of a sudden we have sports stars, musicians and artists walking in our store and leaving again with about ten bags in hand. We are keeping it exclusively. You will find LFDY neither in other stores nor in other onlineshops. Fuck wholesale - we don't want anyone to tell us what to do.

LFDY is an independent brand that acts quickly and that is always one step ahead of the market.

We opened our second store and this is just the beginning. We might die young, but we're living fast.